June 19, 2024

Gain Strategic Self Awareness this summer!

Gain Strategic Self Awareness this summer!

Many leaders I work with aspire to become more self-aware. It sounds easy. Afterall, self-awareness is simply seeing yourself clearly and objectively.

But to fully leverage self-awareness, we need to look beyond our strengths and weaknesses. We must also understand how others perceive us and the impact our behavior has on them.


Research shows that leaders with Strategic Self Awareness are better at:
⏫ Communicating
⏫ Influencing and
⏫ Building Relationships

💡But just how do we gain this level of awareness?

The Hogan Leadership Assessment is a robust tool that unlocks strategic self awareness. Hogan leverages years of data to fuse the way we see ourselves (our identity) with how others see us (our reputation). Fortune 500 companies around the globe use it to create targeted leadership development.

🎯⬆️Are YOU ready for Strategic Self Awareness?

🔑 Give yourself the advantage of strategic self awareness with a Hogan Leadership Assessment. Our Hogan Strategy Session gives you insight on your reputation at work. It includes a powerful coaching meeting, three personalized Hogan reports, and an action plan for forward momentum.

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