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Who We Coach

High potential employees on the fast track to future leadership

Subject matter experts and technical professionals becoming people leaders

High achieving leaders aspiring to new levels of success

Jeanne Masseth

Even the most experienced leaders face new challenges and need to uplevel their skills to handle them successfully. Subject Matter Experts promoted to people leaders often find themselves navigating the challenging transition from expert to leader. Preparing high-potential future leaders requires exponential individual development, along with deep self-awareness. Coaching anticipates these challenges and helps create future-ready leaders.


Our approach equips leaders with the insight, accountability and support they need to drive intentional growth. As their leadership coach, I serve as a dedicated sounding board and act as a trusted guide. I have the experience to prepare them for likely challenges and to act as a strategic thought partner whose only interest is their success! Leaders gain absolute clarity on their goals and value. They maximize their strengths and mitigate potential derailers in order to lead their teams well. They begin to see challenges as opportunities, take strategic action and hold themselves to greater levels of success. That’s how we ignite massive growth for your leaders – and your company.

Signature Leadership Coaching

If you’re a high potential future leader, a subject matter expert moving into leadership, or an experienced leader aspiring to new levels of success, you need a trusted thought partner and unbiased sounding board to navigate challenges. Signature Coaching supports you with actionable insight, deep self-awareness and a plan to accomplish your most important goals.

Together, we'll:

    Boost productivity to accomplish your most important work

    Catapult your confidence to stop playing small

    Elevate professional presence for better influence

    Lead employees more effectively by getting out of the weeds

    Uncover your leadership blind spots

   Bolster trusting relationships with direct reports and your boss

   Drive goals with strategic action


Accelerate Your Leadership Success 

     Hogan Leadership Assessment that sparks strategic leadership self-awareness 

     Pre-Coaching preparation to accelerate your momentum prior to your first meeting

     Personalized 1:1 leadership coaching for 6 months

     Touch points between meetings to fuel momentum

     Development tools that propel goals

     Action planning that drives forward movement


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IGNITE Leadership Coaching

IGNITE Leadership Coaching is perfect for a bite-size leadership opportunity or a decision you feel stuck on. IGNITE is two-hours focused on you! And your success. Plan to challenge your thinking and spark new insight. Together, we remove obstacles in your way. We reimagine just what's possible and build a strategy for forward momentum. You leave with clarity, ready to take decisive action. 


IGNITE Your Path Forward

    Pre-coaching preparation work  

    Leadership Coaching focused fully on your success 

    Summary report of your key action plans and next steps



Our Credentials

As a member of the International Coaching Federation, adhering to the Professional Code of Code and Statement of Professional Ethics serves as the foundation to our success. Boundaries protect client confidentiality while ensuring your company has an appropriate line of sight to the focus of the leadership coaching.

Our Coaching Clients Say It Best

I was ready to take on a bigger role. Coaching got me there faster! Jeanne’s my sounding board for strategic decision-making. She naturally cultivates trust in our coaching relationship, so I’m comfortable sharing my work challenges and future opportunities. Jeanne knows when to ask the right questions. She’s empathetic while also pushing me to think in new ways. With her support, I’m focused on my priorities and accomplishing my goals!

Jacy Voglewede

Professional. Honest. Thought-provoking. Enlightening. Jeanne’s coaching helped me to think through my professional development at a deeper level. Not only did she help me process challenges in the moment, but her questions helped my wheels to keep turning after coaching. I highly recommend Jeanne to anyone looking to gain additional perspective in their professional leadership journey

Jess Almlie

Jeanne has been my coach for how to best navigate current business challenges and turn them into future opportunities. Jeanne's coaching is structured well from start to finish. We start with what I need to accomplish, followed by a generous amount of Jeanne just listening. She then leads our discussions by asking questions from vantage points I didn’t even think of. I often realize I've become too focused on the challenge at hand and only see one path forward. We then discuss what the next steps forward are followed up with an accountability check in. It's always a great experience working with Jeanne!

Mike Ness

Coaching helped open my mind to efficiencies, how I think and why I accomplish tasks the way I do. Jeanne's a great coach! She asks questions along the way and pushing me to try harder. It has helped me to understand my work and my “why” better. She's kind, open, and honest.

Samantha Soupir

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