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Signature Talks

From Peer to Supervisor

Whether you were promoted a year ago or a week ago, becoming a supervisor is a big step in your career. You have the ability to make a broader impact and potentially have more influence. At the same time, you’re responsible for leading others, enforcing policies and holding others accountable. This session bolsters your leadership savvy with practical techniques for leading former peers. You’ll gain tools for being authentically you while maneuvering the transition to supervisor.

You take away

  • Ideas for bringing out the best in your team members
  • Approaches to demonstrating that you’re open to feedback
  • Tips to navigate relationships with your former peers

Mentoring that Works

Trends point to employees resigning because they're disengaged, lack a feeling of belonging and aren't offered options to grow their skills. This session will raise your awareness of how workplace mentoring tackles the Great Resignation! You’ll see how mentoring elevates learning, catapults interpersonal savvy and transfers institutional knowledge. Hear real stories of successful programs that propel employee retention, increase engagement, fuel succession planning and deepen leadership bench strength. You’ll leave with a playbook for launching a high-impact mentoring initiative that tackles your organization’s most critical talent challenge

You take away

  • Powerful forms of mentoring that drive mentor and mentee success
  • Tips for aligning your mentoring strategy with company culture
  • Key metrics to evaluate mentoring effectiveness

Peer Coaching at Work

Peer coaching is a powerful development accelerator for employees across the company! Learn how workplace peer groups are propelling careers, connecting business people on a rich level and catapulting confidence. This session offers a roadmap for creating and building peer groups that soar in your workplace. You’ll be immersed in a peer coaching experience where you’ll discover how peer coaching ignites engagement and drives better business decisions.

You take away

  • Insight on the newest peer coaching formats
  • Powerful benefits of peer coaching and potential pitfalls to avoid
  • A sample agenda for your first meeting

Power of Professional Presence

Professionals with presence are often described as having “it”. The “it” factor (referred to as professional presence or gravitas) helps you stand out professionally and socially. But what exactly is professional presence? It’s not only for the lucky who are hard wired with charisma. It’s a skill you can learn, grow and polish. This session is packed with practical techniques for making a great first impression, inspiring trust and making a powerful impact.

You take away

  • Actions you can take right now to make a great first impression
  • Strategies for using your voice, body language and mindset to increase your visibility
  • Three professional presence derailers to avoid

Sparking Mentorship: Ignite Your Best, Shine for Others

Professionals at every level gain tremendous clarity with the expertise of a mentor. Mentors offer unbiased advice and illuminate paths to success. But how do you go about finding a mentor? This session is your playbook for building a strong network of professional and personal mentors! Plus, you’ll discover how becoming a mentor is fulfilling and fuels your career direction.

You take away

  • Practical approaches for connecting with mentors with expertise in your areas of growth
  • Ways you can strengthen your organization while bolstering your leadership
  • Specific actions steps to spur your mentoring journey

Unlocking Greatness: Creating More Impact with Less Effort

Leaders are often overwhelmed with work and a team who heavily relies on them. You can break this cycle by becoming a more coach-like leader. You’ll see how giving support and guidance, rather than instructions and advice, unleashes employee’ potential and commitment. This session offers an immersive experience to “try on” coaching for yourself. You’ll gain the confidence and skills you need to be more coach like with those you lead.

You take away

  • Techniques that inspire your team while releasing the pressure for you to be the expert
  • Tips to change the way you lead by staying curious a little longer
  • Immersive coaching experience to spur richer impact with your employees

Uplevel and Elevate Your 5

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” - Jim Rohn. Success is tied to the company we keep. Yet, most of us are unsure how to cultivate our circles of personal wisdom and professional expertise. During this hands-on experience, you'll build an action plan to uplevel conversations with people who challenge you to be your best, think bigger and spark creativity. Plus, you’ll take away specific strategies for bringing more value to those in your “five”.

  • Insight on how to uplevel your influencers
  • Powerful ways you can begin elevating others
  • Tips on the 4 types of friends you need in your circle

Our Clients Say it Best

I recently listened to Jeanne speak at the Bismarck Mandan Board of Realtors luncheon and was super impressed. Her words of wisdom have popped into my head on several occasions since then. I have found myself thinking about posture, the Super Woman pose and consciously being present. Thank you, Jeanne, for a great presentation! I've been going to these events for 20+ years and Jeanne is one of the best speakers we've had!

Lori Becker, Bismarck Mandan Board of Realtors

Jeanne’s presentation for NDSU’s Business Connections program was inspiring. Business Connections in the College of Business unites students with business leaders for a voluntary mentoring experience. Participants appreciated Jeanne’s practical ideas for fostering professional growth and reaching beyond their comfort zones. They left excited to incorporate the 10 mentoring experiences into their partnership. Jeanne’s insights, energy, and dedication to mentoring were uplifting.

Nancy Emerson, North Dakota State University

Jeanne was a recent speaker at a Fargo Moorhead West Fargo Chamber Women Connect event. She spoke about mentorship to a diverse audience and shared an actionable take-away and challenged us to see where we can maximize potential though mentorship relationships (either as a mentor or mentee). Jeanne is prepared, polished, and professional. We couldn’t have asked for any better partnership to meet the goals of this group.

Tara Flack, Director of Marketing Operations at Bobcat Company

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working on a professional level with Jeanne Masseth for many years. Jeanne is one of the most intelligent, respected and thorough professionals in her field. Her attention to detail and her deliberate, but relaxed and friendly style of presentation make her an outstanding facilitator. She is uniquely qualified in the area of human resources, especially mentorship. I encourage any organization seeking a talent development consultant to work with Jeanne and watch their leadership and teams soar to the next level!

Marci Narum, The Capital Gallery

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