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Nothing elevates individual success faster than the right mentoring relationship. Mentoring fuels the development and support employees crave while leveraging your existing talent. Mentoring drives business results too. Strong mentoring programs foster knowledge sharing and collaboration, bolster leadership skills, improve employee engagement and reduce employee turnover.


U.S. Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs


Millennials Say mentoring is crucial their success


Businesses Report productivity increases due to mentoring


Employees with a mentor are happy with their jobs

While mentoring produces huge payoffs, building a sustainable and scalable program can be daunting. Legacy Talent Development delivers all types of workplace mentoring, from company-wide to peer mentoring groups, onboarding initiatives and high potential programs. Together, we explore options that align with your company culture and people strategy. Our approach focuses on solving your most critical talent challenges.

How We Propel Mentoring Success

Program Design and Promotion
The design of any mentoring program is paramount to its success! We’ll build and implement mentoring blueprints that fit your organizational culture, business cycle and strategic goals perfectly. Ultimately, mentoring fuels your talent pipeline long into the future.

Spark employee involvement and excitement with attention-grabbing, fun marketing and promotion strategies. We help tell your company's mentoring story, explain the "why" behind mentoring and spur a call to action your employees are sure to love.

Mentoring Training and Tools
Mentoring Launch Training propels mentors and mentees right from the start with insight and skills they need to build successful mentoring relationships.

Highly focused, robust learning experiences delivered throughout the mentoring cycle fosters continued mentor and mentee engagement and excitement.

Goal setting, action planning and development progress are ignited with our proven mentoring tools, customized to your mentoring initiative.

Mentoring Consultation
Your HR or L&D team are fully supported with regular reviews of mentoring program activity and health.

Catapult momentum within each mentoring partnership by leveraging our curated monthly resources for mentors and mentees.

Mentoring successes and outcomes are continuously measured to demonstrate ROI.

Leadership Coaching for Mentors
Did you know mentors are the lynchpin to year-over-year program success? Give mentors the development they crave and watch their growth skyrocket with 1:1 leadership coaching fully customized for your mentors.

Our Clients Say it Best

It was very important when starting our companywide mentoring program that attention was directed at the program’s structure, participant experience and overall value. I would highly recommend Legacy Talent Development if you’re needing support in any of those areas. Not only was Jeanne an engaging and insightful guest speaker, I specifically can’t thank her enough for helping to craft the program’s final evaluation. Prior to our meeting she took the time to unpack the program’s materials and map questions to its purpose and structure, which resulted in a program review that highlighted the different value areas mentoring bought to the mentees, mentors and company. Moving forward I have specific insight into what parts of the experience to keep and what parts to adjust, all while making sure I’m adding the value our employee-owners deserve from the experience. As a bonus, the insights also showcased to leaders the value of the program, leading to a budget increase! Thank you, Legacy Talent Development, for your support. I can’t wait to partner again!

Lindsey Cernik, Border States

We brought Jeanne in as we began building our mentorship program. From the beginning you could see her passion for mentorship and desire for the program to succeed. With her help, we are now on our 4th year of the program and much of that success is due to the respect she’s built with our employees. Through her mentorship guidance and coaching, she’s developed leaders within our organization. Thank you, Jeanne for your continued support!

Brittani Moser, Farm Credit Services of Mandan

Bravera has partnered with Jeanne at Legacy Talent Development for our mentoring program over the past 4 years. She brings a wealth of mentoring expertise which has been instrumental in launching this program. With Jeanne’s guidance and training, our mentoring program continues to grow each year. Our employees are excited to be involved in the mentoring experience as it fuels their connections, growth and professional development in ways they can immediately apply at work. Our mentors and mentees are more engaged and are able to see their long-term career at Bravera. Plus, mentoring allows us to leverage the talent of our employees to build our leadership pipeline across the organization. Since we began working with Jeanne, Bravera has seen better retention among our best employees, especially those who’ve been with the company 1-5 years. Thank you, Jeanne, for your mentoring guidance and leadership!

Lorelei Anderson, Bravera

Jeanne played a key role in helping us launch a successful Mentoring Program. Her expertise and dynamic facilitation skills provided a strong and inspiring foundation for our participants as they kicked-off their mentoring partnerships. Jeanne also led a mid-year event that offered tools and ideas to stay engaged and on track when working toward mentoring goals.                                                                                                                                                     Jeanne is passionate about mentoring! And she's committed to the success of our Mentoring Exchange program at AgCountry.

Andrea Olson, AgCountry Farm Credit Services

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