Meet Jeanne

I've been drawn to what makes leaders tick for as long as I can remember. And I've been lucky enough to support and guide leaders on their professional journey for over two decades.

I started in education and later landed in corporate as a leadership development pro. These roles offered me a fabulous front-row seat to helping leaders spark connection with their employees. And spur results in the business. I launched a multitude of mentoring programs and leadership development initiatives over 15 years. Each one illuminated the ripple effect of incredible mentors and leaders in the workplace! Soon, I was known for being “the go-to” for growing leadership capability and confidence.

In 2014, I founded Legacy Talent Development Inc. to help even more leaders. Business ownership also offered me an opportunity to step outside of my comfortable zone while upleveling my own leadership savvy. Each day is a fun ride! I have the privilege to work with high-achievers who are intentional about their professional growth. From our work together, they become more successful and realize a bigger impact. Clients say I’m practical. I help them get what they want much faster than they could on their own. And what sets Legacy Talent Development apart is full value and meticulous follow-through.

Let's Work Together

Workplace Mentoring Programs

I deliver workplace mentoring initiatives that drive individual success and business results. My co-creative approach is designed to solve your most critical talent challenges.

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Leadership Coaching

I’m a trusted thought partner with high-achieving professionals. My clients gain clarity to solve problems, make better decisions, set goals and take action to make their goals a reality.

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I power up leadership growth with deep dive insight and action. My talks are practical and highly interactive.

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My Credentials

What Else?

I have a passion for exploring and travel. Learning is my go-to habit. Running and spending time near the water are my happy places. Weekend fun with friends is my favorite sanity tool. My husband and I have two incredible children. Cheering them on, bolstering their confidence and building their capability is my most important work.

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