June 19, 2024

4 Steps to Begin Working with a Leadership Coach

4 Steps to Begin Working with a Leadership Coach

Wondering how to get started working with a leadership coach? Or how to find the right coach for you?

Here are 4 tips I like to share:

1. Get Clear on Your Goals: Take time to consider what you really want to achieve through coaching. Self-reflect on what you hope working with a coach will do for you, your team, and your employer. What do you want to come out of the relationship? What will be better as a result of coaching?

2. Research Coaches: Look for coaches with experience and credentials that align with your goals. It's important to find someone you connect with and trust. I recommend researching 3 coaches who will address your goal from a different lens or different life experience. For example:

· A coach with a background in your industry

· A coach with similar experience: supervisory, leadership, career transition, etc.

· A coach who’s locally known in your community

3. Invest Time in an Initial Meeting: Schedule a consult to discuss your goals and get a feel for each coach’s style. The ROI of these 3 meetings is huge! You’ll learn more about the coaching process, gain insight into yourself and get a sense of what coaching can do for you.

4. Choose a Coach and Commit to the Process: Build a relationship with your new coach to foster trust and vulnerability. Be open to feedback, be willing to explore new ideas, and be ready to take action on your goals.

💪 Have you worked with a leadership coach? We’d love to hear the steps you took when beginning your journey in the comments.