June 6, 2024

Coaches Help Leaders SEE Better

Coaches Help Leaders SEE Better

I recently coached a leader at the top of his game. Yet, he felt “stuck” in one specific area. This left him exhausted and unsure of how to move forward. What he’d always done was no longer getting the results he hoped for. He was smart enough to know he had a blind spot.

He’s not alone.

The smarter and more successful you are, the better you are at rationalizing what you do and how you do it. This makes perfect sense. The way you think and act have fueled your success.

What you’re doing works. Until it doesn’t. Or until there’s a friction point that causes everyone to pause.

Your brain then goes to work defending your viewpoint. It’s so much easier to defend our perspective than it is to lean into the idea that you may not be seeing the issue with full clarity.

Blind spots are called blind spots because, well…you can’t see them! It’s often another lens to look through or a vantage point you never thought of.

Here’s where a leadership coach comes in.

A coach is an external disruptor. A trusted thought partner. They help you SEE your thinking. They hold space for you to HEAR how you think and the story you’re telling yourself. In the process, you uncover blind spots.

***The job of a leadership coach is help you SEE better.***

As for the rock-star leader I coach, he’s tackling his leadership challenge sharper clarity. So far, it’s bringing him more energy, better collaboration and renewed confidence.