August 30, 2023

🧟 Warding Off Zombies

🧟 Warding Off Zombies

You’ve got a lot going on at work.
Multiple important projects
New high-priority work assignments
Fostering your team and supporting your direct reports
Email that never stops
Floods of calls, texts and social media notifications

🙌Part of your effort generates tremendous value! It leads to incredible returns on your time, effort and energy level. You get the job done brilliantly. And YOU feel satisfied and fulfilled at work.

👎Yet. Other “important” work has little impact. It doesn’t propel you, your projects or your team forward. It leaves YOU feeling depleted and frustrated.

💡This visual from Diana Kander offers insightful perspective. She calls ZOMBIES any use of time or effort that doesn’t produce a return on investment.

🕐Here’s the reality. There will never be enough hours in the day to get your most important work accomplished.

🎯You and I must decipher the tasks and responsibilities that don’t bring high value. AKA the Zombies.

🧟Then. Take action to mitigate the pesky Zombies occupying your head and heart. Allocate less time to them. Or simply say NO to the next Zombie who tries to crush your value!

⤴️Give yourself permission to ward off Zombies! It will expand your leadership capacity! You’ll create more value. Spark innovation. Uplevel collaboration. And experience greater fulfillment at work.

⁉️What Zombies might you intentionally spend less time on?