September 22, 2023

🔥IGNITE Your Path to Year-End Success

🔥IGNITE Your Path to Year-End Success

🍂Ohhh September!

There’s something special about fall. It’s a second new year. Students go back to school. We return to post-summer routines at home and work. It’s often a time we consider changing things up at work. It’s the perfect opportunity to think about what’s working well. And take stock of any area(s) that may need upleveling. 
🍁An easy tool to help is the Leadership Wheel. It’s a visual to see where you feel most (and least) successful as a leader. Give it a try! Rank your satisfaction in each section by marking the number that best represents where you are today. (Look at the center as 1 and the outer edges as 10.) The higher the number, the more satisfied you are. Reflect on your scores. Are there areas of your leadership savvy you'd like to level up before year-end?

🔥If so, IGNITE Strategy Coaching will accelerate your path forward! You'll gain clarity and the confidence you need to take decisive action in just 2-hours. Together, we’ll remove obstacles in your way and reimagine just what’s possible for you.

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