November 19, 2016

Legacy Picks for Leadership and Success

Legacy Picks for Leadership and Success

Clients often ask me to recommend the best books for developing leaders and growing professionally. So during this season of gratitude, I set out to compile an uber list of power-packed titles perfect for sharing!  

With so many excellent books available this proved quite challenging. I tapped my inner circle of experts who were a huge help. (BTW, I am so blessed to surround myself with incredibly bright freinds and collegues.) Combing through titles and reviews, I focused on two criteria. First, audible is a must for me personally. Audio format is ideal for drive time, folding laundry, making're busy. You get it. Second, since new perspectives usually elevate my thinking, the list spotlights titles published in the last 10 years. 

Here you have it....Legacy Picks for Leadership & Success!  Whether you want to gain professional insight, make a change in 2017, or be the best version of you, I'm confident you'll find a great read to get you started.


PS - have a book recommendation that fits the uber criteria? Share it with us for a future list!