December 2, 2020

"Have to" versus "Get to" Thinking

How many times do we say to ourselves, “I have to…”? 

  • “It’s Monday. I have to go to work.”
  • I have to attend several meetings today.”
  • “My employee is struggling. I have to have a crucial conversation with them.”

There’s no sense of purpose in this mindset. "I have to" feels mundane, monotonous. The next time you catch yourself thinking you “have to” do anything, stop. Think about the difference it could make in those instances to say “I get to.”

  • “It’s Monday. I get to go to work today.” Employees who’ve lost their jobs during COVID would gladly switch positions with you!
  • I get to attend several meetings today.” Shifting to a “get to” mindset allows you to be more focused and mindful during your meetings.
  • I get to have a crucial conversation with my struggling employee.” This is an opportunity to enrich your relationship while building trust with a team member you want to help.  

I invite you to try “I Get to…” this week. Notice how fulfilled and fortunate you feel. Many of my professional coaching clients have found this simple shift adds more meaning to their work and life.