March 30, 2021

5 Ways Coaching Uplevels Leaders

5 Ways Coaching Uplevels Leaders

Today’s leaders are accelerating their development with feedback and support from a leadership coach:

1 ~ Elevated Confidence

A leadership coach is a powerful supporter who ignites confidence! He or she is someone who knows you well and wants the best for you but is a neutral third party. A coach is transparent about how you're doing. They let you know what you're doing that's supporting your intentions or getting in your way. Most importantly, a coach fosters new ways of thinking and operating that allow you to create the career (and life) you want.

2 ~ Strategic Self-Awareness

We all have blind spots we just can’t see. A coach helps you to see yourself more clearly: to question your assumptions, get curious about where you’re strong, and where you may want to grow. Plus, coaches give incredible feedback! This feedback builds your awareness of how you respond to situations and how your responses impact your team. With a trusted coach, you identify what’s getting in your way and the possibilities you may be missing.

3 ~ Accomplished Goals

A leadership coach helps you cast a vision for your dreams and assess what you're capable of at work. You set specific goals and create an action plan with manageable steps, deadlines, and deliverables. Your coach is supportive and committed to your success. They’re your champion to ensure you keep on course. It’s often the extra push we all need to stay on track and get it done.

4 ~ Better Decision-Making

As a leader, you make strategic business decisions while also providing tactical direction to your team. Balancing it all is challenging. With a coach by your side, you have a powerful ally who serves as a trusted sounding board! She or he helps you identify which tasks to delegate and how to prioritize your responsibilities. This frees your capacity to focus on your most important work and ultimately make better business decisions. 

5 ~ Greater Performance

Coaching is highly focused on you as an individual. You implement new techniques and skills specific to your growth trajectory. One leader may work with a coach to polish their supervisory savvy. Another may use coaching to accelerate onboarding in a new role or to help navigate an increase in responsibilities. You may leverage coaching to uplevel within your current role or a move in a new direction. Plus, a coach holds you accountable so you achieve an even greater level of performance at work.

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