February 11, 2020

20 Actions to Jump Start Your 2020 Goals

20 Actions to Jump Start Your 2020 Goals

Congratulations! You’ve set solid goals for 2020. You are ready to crush the year! But now what? February is here but you may not know the right place to start. Well breathe a sigh of relief because there is no right place to start. No perfect path or guaranteed steps that will get you there.

So where do you go after setting your goals? Here’s a list of action step you can take to help get you started. Choose one to do this week. Schedule it into your calendar to propel your momentum!

  1. Follow an expert on social media who’s savvy in what you’re interested in.
  2. Sign up for an email newsletter.
  3. Subscribe to a podcast. (Looking to save for retirement or get out of debt? So Money and The Dave Ramsey Show are two that can help.)
  4. Enroll in an online course(s). Udemy, EdX, LinkedIn Learning, and Masterclass offer a full spectrum of options.
  5. Watch a TED Talk. (Check out the Top 25 most popular Talks of All Time.)
  6. Register for an in-person class. Community colleges and local universities offer credit and non-credit classes on most any subject.
  7. Find a friend who’s tackling a similar goal. Create a plan to hold each other accountable.
  8. Read a book on the topic you want to learn about. (Audible is a game-changer.)
  9. Join a LinkedIn or Facebook group.
  10. Find a networking event.
  11. Volunteer at an event. You might receive a lower cost ticket plus make new connections.
  12. Attend a workshop or seminar.
  13. Read Forbes or HBR articles on your development areas.
  14. E-mail someone doing what you want to do and ask them a question. If they don’t answer, no worries. Keep asking until you find someone who does.
  15. Download an app to keep you on track. (HabitBull and My Fitness Pal are great.)
  16. Download an app to teach you something new. (Want to develop a positive mindset? Try ThinkUp.)
  17. Join Toastmasters.
  18. Ask a friend where they would start. They might have a different perspective you’ve not thought about.
  19. Shadow someone who is doing what you aspire to for a day.
  20. Schedule time to brainstorm and prioritize these ideas on paper. Decide which you will tackle and when. And track your progress towards crushing 2020!  

Looking for even more options? Check out 10 Tips to Help You Leap into 2020 with Success and Happiness. I can’t wait to hear how your year unfolds!