November 14, 2023

Why Coaching Works

Why Coaching Works

Recently an incredible group of new leaders successfully completed my Signature Leadership Coaching. Since they began coaching about the same time, I thought it would be fun to ask these leaders what it is about coaching they appreciate most. Here are a few of the reasons I heard about why coaching support is unmatched, and why leaders who’ve had great coaching never want to give it up.
💡 Clarity. It’s hard to know where you want to go when you’re controlled by your calendar. Who has time to think about the next steps? And, it’s hard to focus with so many competing priorities. I act as a sounding board to help you clear out the noise and move forward with intention.

🚀 Confidence. The daily grind can take a toll. Coaching provides the nudge you need to challenge your thinking, try new approaches and take decisive action. As you put your ideas into motion, confidence builds.

💛 Objective Feedback. Colleagues and loved ones give well-intentioned advice, but they can’t help bringing their own biases and priorities. All those good intentions may be holding you back from what’s truly best for you.

📝 Action Plans that Work. Most leader’s plans get derailed by urgent projects, new requests and employee’ concerns. Who wouldn’t be overwhelmed? I help you sort through, look up, and take strategic steps forward.

🎯 Accountability. Leadership requires tremendous energy. But are you speeding in the right direction or simply on the treadmill of work or life? I help reimagine just what’s possible for you. The dedicated time, structure, and accountability that coaching provides gets you there faster than you could on our own.

🪞 Strategic Self-Awareness. Self-awareness is a critical part of leadership. I help you explore your emotions and thinking in order to maximize your strengths and mitigate potential derailers within the context of your organization. Coaching is truly all about you and your success!
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