May 15, 2024

Give Better Feedback by Shifting Your Perspective

Give Better Feedback by Shifting Your Perspective

🧭Feedback is like a compass guiding your team towards improvement and growth.

🗝️It enhances performance, clarifies expectations, builds confidence, and strengthens relationships with those you lead.

But most of us don’t deliver feedback as often as we could, nor do we give as much as our employees crave. Some leaders avoid it all together.

🙈Makes perfect sense if we think about feedback as critiquing a person. If we treat feedback as a judgement…ugg! No one wants to be the judge and jury, right?

💡But what if we shift perspective? Change the lens from which we view feedback. (Think of how quickly a single image appears completely different with a Snapchat filter.)

💭What might happen if you changed your feedback filter? If you thought about feedback as valuable data your employees need to fine-tune their approach.  When feedback is simply much needed (and appreciated) information, it becomes easier to share and receive.

💛Have you shifted how you think about giving feedback?