December 27, 2023

⭐ Counting Your 2023 Wins!

⭐ Counting Your 2023 Wins!

Oh, what a year! You checked off professional goals, overcame challenges and navigated changes in 2023. Before you leap into 2024, take a moment to consider all you’ve made happen this year. Give yourself permission to acknowledge your successes, large and small. You may be surprised just how much you achieved. Plus, you can use the confidence and growth you gained this year to jumpstart 2024!

Begin by reflecting on these ideas. Then, answer 5 simple questions below to catapult your year ahead.   

  • What are your personal and professional highlights of 2023?
  • What projects did you complete?
  • Which skills or expertise did you grow?
  • How did you become a better employee/leader/supervisor?
  • How did you support your team and/or your colleagues?
  • Where did you gain efficiency or save time?
  • When were you surprised by your ability to shift or pivot?
  • How much money did you make and/or save?
  • What new habits did you embrace?
  • Which personal connections did you foster?
  • How did you prioritize wellbeing?
  • Which new mindset(s) did you adopt?
  • What did you find yourself especially grateful for?

Your 2023 Wins….

  1. My Professional Wins & Highlights of 2023:  __________
  2. Personal Wins I’m most proud of (Health, Fitness, Wellbeing, Financial, Spiritual, Relationship or Other): __________

  3. What did you learn about yourself over the past year? What did 2023 teach you? __________

  4. What mindsets, practices or insights will you take with you into 2024? __________

  5. What’s worked so well this year that it’s worth doubling down on in 2024? __________


Congratulations on acknowledging your 2023 successes!

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