Workplace Mentoring Programs

Nothing drives individual success faster than the right mentoring relationship. Mentoring achieves incredible business results too. A strong mentoring culture builds bench strength across the business, promotes knowledge sharing, skill development, and employee engagement. The challenge is building a sustainable, successful program. Legacy Talent Development delivers a full spectrum of workplace mentoring initiatives. Our approach customizes the mentoring design to solve your most critical employee development needs.

Mentoring Momentum

Empower mentoring relationships with clear focus and intention! Mentoring Momentum is an interactive learning/training experience offered in multiple formats. We equip mentees and mentors with relational tools to navigate their partnership, achieve goals and communicate effectively. Content and participant materials are geared specifically to your learners and advisors.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is on the rise with powerful results. These social learning relationships bring groups of individuals together to share ideas and solutions, hold each other accountable and drive performance. A structured peer-to-peer mentoring initiative can be applied within any business context. (Common examples include: senior leaders, high potentials, new hires, in-tact teams, and emerging leaders.) Each cohort is professionally facilitated and structured to accelerate learning and ignite professional growth.

Mentoring Program Design and Delivery

While results of successful mentoring are incredibly rewarding, the process of planning a mentoring program can be daunting. Legacy has successfully launched a multitude of mentoring programs spanning large employers to start-up firms. We can help you navigate each step to ensure maximum impact. Our services include:

  • Program design and implementation
  • Mentor/Mentee training
  • Program Coordination
  • Professional coaching for mentors and mentees
  • Motivating learners with community, resources and ongoing communication
  • Monitoring success
  • Measuring effectiveness

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